Privacy Policy

We do not have access to your personal and messaging data, and all such data is processed and stored on your device. However, certain information may be relayed to the following services:


As a Telegram client, Pigeon definitely has to communicate with Telegram servers. Pigeon uses the official Telegram Database Library (TDLib) to do so, and is required to send the device model, device operating system version and the currently-in-use Pigeon app's version.

The device model and app version is used for the display of active sessions in the official Telegram app, as seen in the image example. The device operating system version is used by TDLib to decide on feature support, such as notifications.

You should also refer to Telegram's Privacy Policy, to understand the privacy aspects of the Telegram platform.


Pigeon uses RevenueCat to handle in app purchases and subscriptions. The anonymous app user ID option is used, so as to protect your privacy, as this meant that we would not be able to identify you and your purchases. However, RevenueCat does collect some anonymous analytics and purchase history data, to facilitate basic analytics and purchase receipt validation, for fraud prevention.